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Hello, viewers! Today we are going to talk about the online backup service, Just Cloud. Stay tuned for the advantages and disadvantages of Just Cloud and hopefully by the end of this overview you will know whether or not Just Cloud is for you.

What is Just Cloud?

Just Cloud is a program that stores your files online, allowing you to access them from anywhere at any time. With 100% automated backups, Just Cloud will keep you from losing your precious documents. Unfortunately, I know from personal experience that losing important documents (like 10 page college term papers) is devastating. With a cloud program, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.
Just Cloud uses a desktop application to backup the computer files you choose and can be accessed from any device by logging in to the online control panel. You just set up your backup schedule and Just Cloud runs in the background while you continue to work. Or, you know, continue to watch hilarious cat videos.

What is so great about it?

Number 1: You can easily sync all your files on all your different devices. It’s 2013, so you probably have a laptop, a tablet, and a smart phone, all with multiple documents you don’t want to lose. Decide which documents you want to backup and Just Cloud will automatically save them.

Number 2: Just Cloud allows you to share your files at any time. Invite your friends, family members, or colleagues to view your documents via Facebook, Twitter, email, or a custom link. You can send pictures of the little ones to Grandma and quarterly projections to your colleague with the same program! Just don’t mix them up, confusion will ensue.

Number 3: It’s secure. While you likely don’t have CIA-sensitive documents on your hard drive, I’m sure you don’t want anyone nosing around in your private business. Thankfully, Just Cloud encrypts your data with a 256 bit secured socket layer encryption. Not sure what that means? Neither do I. But it sounds pretty secure. Also, your file transfers are stored in cloud data centers that are monitored 24/7.

Why isn’t it great?

Number 1: Apparently Just Cloud hasn’t yet gotten the memo that pop-ups are a complete and total turnoff. The site’s irritating pop-ups encourage you to upgrade your service and pay for more features. This makes me feel like I’m not getting a good value on my current package and that is not the message companies should want to convey.

Number 2: While the unlimited plan will allow you to save an unlimited number of files, you will be limited on the size of those files. The limit is 5GB, although the default is set to 2MB. Make sure to change the default to 5GB so all your larger files are backed up.

Number 3: Just Cloud will nickel and dime you. When will companies figure out that an extra charge for every little feature infuriates us more than Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance infuriated the Parents Television Council? Apparently never, as Just Cloud has a lot of extra fees for things like priority support ($9.95/year), hourly backup ($19.95/year), and unlimited versions ($49.95/year).

Number 4: While Just Cloud has a plan that offers unlimited storage, the fine print will tell you that it’s not truly unlimited. Therefore, if you need unlimited storage space, Just Cloud may not be the right choice for you.

How much is it?

There are several plans available, including different time commitments and different sizes. Plans offered include: 2 year, 1 year, semi-annual, and monthly. The longer the plan, the cheaper the price. The following prices are for two year plans (add up to $2 or $3 a month for shorter terms):

75GB — $4.49/month
250GB — $4.95/month
Unlimited — $6.95/month

On top of that, as I mentioned previously, there is a list of additional features that you may or may not want to pay for ranging from $14.95/year for supercharged backups to $99.95/year for backup network drives.

Now that you know what Just Cloud is all about, I hope that you can decide for yourself whether or not it is the best cloud storage program for you. Please let us know in the comments if you have ever used Just Cloud or any other cloud storage and what you thought of it. Have a great day!

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